Isagenix E+ Natural Energy Shot

What are Isagenix Eshots?

E plus energy shot

In short – a long lasting burst of energy (and our personal favourite products)!

Speed things up with Isagenix E+ Natural Energy Shot.

Coffee can be a problematic source of energy. While an espresso shot will boost your energy levels temporarily, it often leaves your body more fatigued and worn out within hours. If you want energy that you can count on, try using Isagenix E+ Natural Energy Shot. It is designed by Isagenix to boost your workout performance, increase energy and help you carry out all of your everyday activities.

Within the Isagenix E+ Natural Energy Shot,you will find a nourishing blend of yerba mate, caffeine and green tea. Since the caffeine is derived from green tea, it does not cause the massive energy slumps like coffee does. Instead, it boosts your energy and leaves you feeling more alert than ever before. Each shot contains just 35 calories and there are no artificial flavours.

Use Isagenix E Shots if you want to:

  • Improve mental clarity
  • Boost your energy levels
  • Increase your performance levels
  • Heighten your ability to focus


How Much are They?

  1. Box of 6 Retail Price: $47.00
  2. Box of 6 Sign Up and Save Price: $34.99 (Save $12.01!)
  3. Box of 12 Retail Price: $85.00
  4. Box of 12 Sign Up and Save Price: $64.00 (Save $21.00!)


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