Isagenix Side Effects

Isagenix is far more than a diet, it is a lifestyle based on cleansing and detoxification.

When completing a complete cleanse and detox, individuals enjoy a wide range of positive effects. These include an increase in energy, weight loss, and improved overall health. Read on to learn more about the possible benefits from Isagenix programs.


Positive Side Effects of the Isagenix Program

Weight Loss

Properly cleansing the body can help promote weight loss — this is one side effect of detoxification that individuals are usually excited about! Isagenix is more than just a fad diet, however. It’s a proven system that has helped 1000s of people worldwide, just like these:

Amazing Isagenix Results Isagenix Side Effects Include Weight Loss

Increased Energy Levels

Another Isagenix side effect is a boost in energy and overall health. By eliminating built up waste and toxins in your body through Cleanse Days, your body returns to a more optimal state. As such, you’ll experience a significant boost in energy and increased mental alertness.

Research Findings

Paul Arciero Ph.D., a nutritional researcher at Skidmore College, spent over a year investigating the long-term results of using Isagenix for weight loss and its effects on the metabolism and detoxification process. His findings indicated significant advantages of Isagenix compared to a standard heart-healthy diet.

Results from College Study

Secondary Side Effects


Negative Side Effects of Isagenix

The first step in achieving a strong body and building a lasting, healthy lifestyle is cleansing your body of toxins. To maintain your cleanse results, it is important to stop ingesting certain foods such as alcohol, caffeine, and white sugar. Caffeine, in particular, is a strong stimulant. Once you cease using it, withdrawal symptoms such as headaches tend to occur. It is natural to experience a certain degree of discomfort as your cells flush out toxins. Depending on the amount of coffee you used to drink, the detox process usually lasts between two to seven days. The most noticeable negative Isagenix side effects usually last two to three days. Ask yourself, is two or three days of slight withdrawal symptoms worth a healthier, better you? We think so!

*Special note* Although it is recommended to cut out caffeine and alcohol during the first 30 days of the program, minimal amounts of each are acceptable.

Other possible negative side effects include lethargy and a general sense of mental fog. Do not worry – these will pass in a few days and you will feel wonderful as you start to reap the benefits of the program.


Cleansing Is a Crucial Aspect of the Isagenix System

The nutritional products from Isagenix supply your cells with fuel while simultaneously cleansing your body of toxins and harmful build up. Therefore, on cleanse days, the nutritional supplements help prevent you from feeling hungry. Isagenix strengthens the liver and kidneys – the organs that are primarily responsible for excreting and processing toxins. Isagenix assists the body in its natural cleansing process so that it is able to remove toxins more efficiently. Although you may experience some degree of side effects during the first few days of your cleanse, the positive effects far outweigh any detox symptoms from the Isagenix program.

How to Keep Negative Side Effects to a Minimum

Stay Hydrated

Hydrating the body properly during cleansing is crucial to proper detoxification and better health. Typically, it is recommended to drink between 3 to 5 L of water – depending on your current weight – per day. Without enough water, negative side effects may be more noticeable.

Use Specific Isagenix Products to Help

If you are experiencing any unwanted symptoms, certain Isagenix products – IsaFlush, EShots, and IsaDelights – can help. Since the program aims to make nutritional cleansing as simple as possible, it is important to take advantage of all the products that can help you.


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