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Designed to help you redefine your life, Isagenix utilises a powerful income boosting business system responsible for changing the lives of thousands of leaders across New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Asia, UK, Europe and USA.

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Whether you’re in search of an extra income stream, concerned about job security, or simply looking for a career and lifestyle change, Isagenix is the solution for you. With the ability to earn an impressive income in a short amount of time**, you’ll wake up each day thankful you put doubt aside and joined this fulfilling industry.

Plus – you can work on your Isagenix business from anywhere in the world!

Network marketing is one of the most dynamic, exciting, and profitable industries in the world. In addition to being able to share top-notch products you’re passionate about with others, the Isagenix business opportunity allows you to reach your own business and financial goals.


Independent Isagenix Distributors

As independent distributors, Isagenix associates sell and distribute the brand’s healthy, cutting-edge products directly to consumers by developing a network of loyal customers and associates. Essentially, the more customers and fellow associates you introduce to Isagenix, the more money you can make. The sky truly is the limit.

The network marketing industry has exploded in popularity in recent years as more and more everyday guys and gals are realising their dreams of becoming self-made entrepreneurs with annual incomes of $100,000, $200,000, $300,000, and beyond. As an Isagenix business associate, achieving these figures is obtainable with hard work and dedication.

Still not convinced? One look at the powerful Isagenix compensation plan will change your mind!


You Share, They Share, Repeat!

Isagenix has developed a simple yet powerful compensation plan called ‘You Share, They Share, Repeat’, which allows you to earn a substantial amount simply by sharing Isagenix products with others.

Here’s how it works:

When you help just two people join Isagenix, you’ll receive a referral bonus of up to NZ$120 for each (see table below).

The Isagenix Value Packs and Ultimate Pack provide you with at least a month’s supply of products to share with friends, family, and anyone you like. If one person joins Isagenix after trying the products and orders one of the packs, you’ll receive a referral bonus of up to NZ$120. If someone else also joins and orders one of the packs, you’ll receive up to an additional NZ$120.

Now, this is where the excitement begins! If both referrals join and place their first orders during the same commission week, which runs Monday through Sunday, Isagenix will actually double your referral bonus. So, rather than receiving $120 for each referral you introduce to the system, you’ll receive $240!

Simply by referring two people, you can earn $480!


Isagenix Business NZ Double PIBs


This is called the ‘You Share, They Share, Repeat’ compensation plan (you can download the full PDF here). After achieving just two referrals, you will also reach the first leadership level and receive an additional $50 bonus, giving you a grand total of up to $530 simply for helping just two friends or family members get started with Isagenix.

This is just the beginning. As more and more people become members of your team, a number of them will follow in your footsteps and also share the Isagenix system. When two people on your team do just that, you’ll receive an additional bonus of $200 simply for helping each person introduce another two people.

By doing so, you’ll complete the ‘They Share’ aspect of the compensation plan. Best of all, if you achieve this within the first two months of joining Isagenix, you’ll receive an additional US$250 bonus and advance to another leadership level.



Earn Up to $980 in the First 60 Days (Just from Bonuses)!

To recap, simply for signing up two people to Isagenix and helping them do the same within 60 days, you can receive up to $980! By repeating these steps and signing on more and more team members, you can easily achieve financial success and live the life you’ve always dreamed of.


Repeat this process and you can earn up to US$10,550 in bonuses! This PDF explains in more detail.

Rank Advancement Bonuses


Multiple Ways to Earn Money with Isagenix

In addition to the powerful ‘You Share, They Share, Repeat’ compensation plan, Isagenix provides you with a myriad of earning opportunities, including:

  • Retail sales
  • PIBs (product introduction bonuses)
  • Team and executive matching team bonuses
  • Special incentives and promotions


Types of Special Incentives and Promotions:

  1. Double PIBs – Active associates who personally enroll at least two new associates with Autoship on qualifying packs during a commission week earn double the PIBs.
    View the Double PIBs flyer for more info.
  2. Holiday Bonus Pools – Simply achieve and maintain a Manager ranking or higher and you become eligible for the Holiday Bonus Pool with a chance to win your share of $4 million! The higher your ranking, the more shares of the giant pool you will earn.
    View the Holiday Bonus Pools flyer for more info.
  3. Team Builders Club – If you have five or more associates join with Autoship and at least 100 BV in a calendar month, you’ll receive Ageless Actives and IsaDelight Dark Chocolate absolutely free.
    View the Team Builders Club flyer for more info.
  4. Director Leadership Pool – By achieving and maintaining Director status and raising your average Personal Team Bonus Cycles by at least two over the prior month, you can earn a share of over $75,000 each and every month.
    View the Director Pool flyer for more info.
  5. 1-Star Executive Pool – Up to $125,000 is awarded each month for associates who reach Paid-As Executive level for a full commission week and raise their average Personal Team Bonus Cycles by at least two over the prior month.
    View the Executive Pool flyer for more info.
  6. 2-Star Executive Pools and Beyond – Associates at the 2-star Executive level or higher can earn their share of over $5 million in Executive Leadership Pools. Thanks to fixed share amounts, you’ll know exactly how much to expect.
    View the 2 Star Executive Pool flyer for more info.
  7. Platinum Pool – By maxing out your Isagenix business and achieving Platinum, you’ll unlock another pool worth up to $250,000 a year!
    View the Platinum Pool flyer for more info.


Join the Isagenix Business Opportunity

Join the Isagenix Business OpportunityAs you can see, it pays to join the Isagenix business opportunity. To begin your journey to financial well-being and launch your Isagenix business from home, have a look at Isagenix’s full range of awesome products, purchase one of the programs, and sign up to become an associate.

Then, simply purchase 100BV (business volume) worth of products a month. This equates to roughly NZ$210. That’s all there is to it!



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