Isagenix Dairy Free Options

Plant Based Dairy Free Options
If you haven’t heard about the new dairy-free options from Isagenix, read on for the latest exciting news from one of the leading companies in the health and wellness industry.

Long praised for its benefits by nutritional experts and dieticians, a plant-based lifestyle is growing in popularity. To make sure you can also enjoy a wide selection of healthy, plant-based items, Isagenix has added several plant-based, dairy-free products to their lineup:

IsaLean Dairy-Free Shake

A nutritious shake bursting with high-quality healthy carbs, healthy fats, satisfying fibre, and 24 grams of high-quality, plant-based protein.

The plant-based protein, sourced from brown rice and peas, help promote lean muscle growth, support weight management, and is suitable for vegans or individuals with a sensitivity to dairy. The nutritious shake, available in two tasty flavours (chocolate and vanilla), supports an active lifestyle and is a convenient meal replacement, an on-the-go source of nutrition, or healthy snack.

IsaLean Dairy-Free Bars

Even if you live a dairy-free lifestyle, it doesn’t mean you need to forgo delicious, convenient, high-quality nutrition. Whether you are on your way to work or the gym, Isagenix Dairy-Free bars can provide you with top-quality nutrition.

With 19 grams of satisfying, muscle-building brown rice and pea protein per serving and 8 grams of fibre, these bars provide a delicious dose of nutrition. As a bonus, the bars are also free of any animal-derived ingredients or gluten.

Isagenix Snacks

Isagenix Snacks are comprised of the ideal ratio of nutrients that help naturally satisfy your cravings and keep you on track with your weight loss goals. Made of high-quality pea and brown rice protein, this nutritionally balanced snack is perfect for Cleanse Days.

Available in a delicious, natural Wild Berry flavour, these yummy snacks contain healthy fats, ample protein, and carbohydrates for fuel. Thanks to their high fibre content, these chewable snacks help fight hunger while still containing minimal kilojoules.

Isagenix’s Commitment to Quality

Isagenix is constantly striving to help individuals throughout the world achieve their health and weight loss goals. With a zero-compromise policy, Isagenix offers only the highest-quality, pure ingredients to ensure the healthies snacks and products around.

Whether you are on the custom 30-day program or the 30-day weight loss program, adding these delicious, healthy, dairy-free options can make your plan even more enjoyable.

The Many Health Benefits of Dairy-Free Products

All of Isagenix’s dairy-free, plant-based products are excellent options for dairy-restricted diets, vegetarians, or vegans. These plant-based items are free of dairy, soy, and gluten.

In addition to being suitable for vegans or individuals with dairy sensitivities, Isagenix’s dairy-free products also offer several benefits:

  • Blood Sugar Support – Plant fibre helps slow the absorption of sugars in the bloodstream.
  • Decreased Cholesterol Levels – Plants are free of cholesterol.
  • Decreased Inflammation – Plant-based diets are full of bionutrients and antioxidants that help quell inflammation within the body.
  • Healthy Digestion – The fibre and nutrients in plant-based foods help promote a healthy digestive system

Whether you are new to plant-based eating or a long-time devotee, give these new dairy-free options a try to see firsthand how delicious and healthy a plant-based lifestyle can be.

All About Pea Protein

About Pea Protein

Although whey is typically viewed as the gold standard of protein powders, pea protein — a relatively new entry in the world of protein powders — is worth a look.

Not surprisingly, pea protein (not to be confused with pea flour) powder comes from yellow peas. Along with all the benefits of being free of dairy, pea protein offers additional benefits since it is a plant-based food.

Pea Protein vs. Whey Protein: What Are the Differences?

Nutritionally speaking, pea protein contains a fairly similar nutritional composition as whey protein (exact numbers will vary depending on specific products and brands).

25 Grams of Pea Protein vs. 25 Grams of Whey Protein

Pea Protein Breakdown Whey Protein Breakdown
Calories per serving 162.5 157.4
Carbohydrates 8.8 8.7
Fat Content 2.6 2.1
Protein 25 25
BCAAs 5.9 7.8

As seen in the chart above, the nutritional breakdown is quite similar in each type. However, differences are still present.

For starters, pea-protein has the advantage of being free of dairy. This is especially beneficial for vegans or dairy-sensitive individuals. Whey also tends to have an unpleasant taste that needs to be covered up with the addition of flavours. Alternatively, pea protein is relatively flavourless and makes an excellent choice for boosting the protein content of smoothies or shakes without affecting the flavour.

Pea protein — unlike many other plant-based options — is a complete protein, meaning it contains all nine of the essential amino acids. This makes it a muscle-building powerhouse.

Although pea protein does have less BCAAs (branched chain amino acids) than whey, it is still effective for building muscle.

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