Announcing 3 Great New Isagenix Products!

3 New Isagenix Products

Isagenix is excited to offer three delicious, healthy new options – Chocolate Mint as a permanent IsaLean Shake flavour, e+ Energy Shots in Lemon Lime, and Harvest Thins in a delectable Thai Sweet Chilli flavour. Read on to learn more about these delicious additions to the Isagenix range of products.


IsaLean Shake Chocolate Mint

Since its original release as a seasonal, limited time flavor in May 2016, fans of the ChocMint IsaLean Shake were begging for it to be a permanent flavour. Fans of the Chocolate Mint flavour will be thrilled to know it is now officially a permanent flavor! Boasting the same nutritional benefits as the other shake flavours, this delicious option makes a healthy, tasty treat.

Now offered in the following packs as the IsaLean Option:

  • Energy Premium Pack
  • 30-Day Energy System
  • 30-Day Healthy Ageing System
  • Weight Loss Premium Pack
  • 9-Day Nutritional Cleansing System
  • Healthy Ageing Premium Pack
  • 30-Day Weight Loss System
  • Ultimate Pack
  • Shake and Cleanse Pack
  • Healthy Maintenance Pack


Harvest Thins Thai Sweet Chilli

If your Cleanse Days could use a little spicing up, Isagenix now offers the perfet solution: Harvest Thins! With a savoury flavour, crunchy texture, and hint of sweetness, your taste buds will thank you. Better yet, they are entirely dairy free and plant based and also boast 11 grams of protein per serving. All this delicious flavour packed into only 100 calories per serving!

Offered as part of the following packs:

  • Ultimate Pack
  • Weight Loss Premium Pack


e+ Lemon Lime

As a standout product, Isagenix knew it wouldn’t be long until customers demanded more flavors of the top-selling, tasty shot of energy. In addition to boosting energy levels, battling fatigue, and fueling athletic performance, e+ now comes in a brand new flavour – Lemon Lime. This mouthwatering flavour utilizes plant-based caffeine soured from yerba mate and green tea along with scientifically supported adaptogen blends to help support healthy energy levels and mental alertness.

Part of the following packs:

  • 30-Day Energy System
  • 30-Day Performance System
  • Performance Premium Pack
  • Weight Loss Premium Pack
  • Energy Premium Pack

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