Stop Making These 5 Weight Loss Mistakes

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Losing weight isn’t easy! Every body chemistry is different, and what works for one may not work for another. Below you’ll find a list of ideas to help you monitor your eating and activity level to help you make great choices in your weight loss journey.

1. Fat Loss Isn’t Weight Loss

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When you first start a diet plan, you may find that you drop a lot of pounds the first few weeks. While this can be thrilling, it’s not sustainable and can be dangerous. Plan for slow, steady loss for long term results.

The first bulk drop of weight on a weight loss program generally comes from water and carb loss. Take care not to overload on protein as you begin your weight loss journey. Excess protein often comes with excess fat and may contain a lot of sodium.

2. Juicing Can Actually Add Calories

While a juice treat is certainly better for you than a full fat milkshake, juice may bump up your blood sugar without giving your body something to digest and may leave you more hungry than you’d have been if you’d eaten the orange instead of drinking the juice.

The liquid diet can leave many people feeling hollow rather than satisfied. If you love a smoothie, consider it a treat rather than a meal. Instead, try eating whole, simple foods, such as raw fruits and veggies to keep blood sugar levels stable and enjoy a full feeling.


Finally, remember that the most important beverage you can take in is water. If your eating habits have gotten out of control and have you feeling disconnected from your physical being, a mindful glass of water can help you stay in touch and in control of your eating.

3. Donuts And Binging Are Not A Reward For Exercise

It simply isn’t possible to outrun your fork. Exercise is great for your brain, your body, your sense of self and your stress level, but it’s not a bank from which you can deduct high calorie foods. If you can break the connection in your head between exercise and food, you will enjoy both a lot more!

A daily weigh-in can make you feel like you’re wasting your time and effort dieting. It’s natural for your weight to fluctuate on a daily basis. Pick a day of the week to weigh in and stick to it, then track your weight on that day only.

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A cheat day or falling off your diet on the weekends is not a good idea. If you’re used to weighing daily and are struggling to break the habit, try weighing in just on Friday and Monday.

Most of us can manage our eating well during the week, but we may slip up on the weekends. Celebrate that Friday weigh-in! A Monday morning weigh in can help you track if you’re doing yourself damage on the weekend and put a better plan in place.

4. Add Weights To Your Exercise Program

If you want to drop weight, lift weights. Consider working with a trainer to get the right body mechanics in place before you move to the bigger weights. If working with a trainer isn’t an option, start small and work your way up.

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Building muscle isn’t easy. You may experience some joint pain and will likely experience muscle pain. Lift in a slow, controlled manner, no matter how small the weight is. Working too fast is a waste of your time and working too heavy will get you hurt. 

5. Avoid All Or Nothing Thinking

One slip up doesn’t have to derail your entire plan. It’s so tempting to think that one little piece of candy means you might as well order a pizza, but this kind of thinking can be stopped in its tracks with a simple track.

If you’ve slipped up (because you’re human, not because you’re hopeless) try these simple distractions:

  1. Set a timer for 15 minutes and read something fun.
  2. While the timer is running, drink a glass of ice water.
  3. Close your eyes and take ten deep breaths between each sip of ice water.
  4. If you’re at work, leave the building with your glass of water and walk around the block.

Drink water
These tricks will help you get something calorie-free in your stomach while you reset your mind for success.

If all or nothing thinking has been your norm, you’ve developed a habit of binging as soon as you slip up, and your stomach knows this. In fact, a slip up may trigger a sensation similar to hunger, so you may feel the binge is unavoidable. It isn’t. You just need to retrain your stomach, and the distractions above can help. 

Final Thoughts

Having access to too much food and too much leisure is truly a gift on planet earth, but if you’re struggling to lose weight, you may not feel terribly thankful. By making simple changes to your diet and routine, you can train your body to lose, rather than gain, weight. Be patient with yourself. Learn to enjoy non-food treats on the good weeks and be gentle with yourself on the bad weeks. It’s a long road!

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