Weekend-Proof Your Eating Plan

During the week, most people manage to stick to a fairly healthy eating routine. Unfortunately, the arrival of the weekend can spell disaster for some people in the diet department. If you are someone that finds yourself regretting your dietary choices over the weekend on Monday morning, consider the following tips. With a few simple tweaks, you can still enjoy your weekends while also maintaining your waistline and health.

8 Diet Tricks to Keep You Healthy on the Weekends

1. Always Eat a Nutritious Breakfast

Eating a healthy, balanced breakfast can help prevent overeating later and start your day off in a healthy way. If you’re not having a delicious Isagenix IsaLean Shake, consider preparing a healthy breakfast of unsweetened Greek yogurt with fresh fruit, an omelette packed with seasonal veggies, or a bowl of oatmeal with nuts and fruit.

2. Sit Down When You Eat

Lunch with friendsBeing around all day on the weekend can mean constant munching rather than actual meals. Although this may sound harmless, these miniature bits can add up fast in the calorie department.

Constant grazing can confuse the body’s natural appetite regulation mechanisms and stop you from feeling completely satisfied. This means that grazing can cause a person to eat more calories than an individual who eats two snacks and three meals per day. One way to combat grazing is to make sure you eat at a table. This prevents you from snacking mindlessly while you are standing in front of the refrigerator or at the counter.

3. Order An Extra Entree

It’s normal to be tempted by several dishes if you are dining out. To satisfy your curiosity without blowing your healthy eating plan, order a couple of entrees in place of an entree and a main meal. It allows you to enjoy a variety of foods and enjoy yourself without going overboard. Another option is asking for an entree as an main. Many restaurants are happy to serve you a downsized version.

4. Plan Ahead to Avoid a Diet Disaster

One of the best steps you can take against overdoing it on the weekend is planning ahead. Consider planning your choices before you end up facing a plate full of goodies at an event or party. Try picking one special food to enjoy that you wouldn’t ordinarily have during the week. Enjoy that one food, but keep it limited to that. This will prevent you from feeling deprived while still keeping your eating balanced and under control.

For instance, if you are attending a birthday party, you could enjoy the cake, but skip the other treats. Watching the big game? Have a beer and skip the chips or vice versa. Planning ahead allows you to indulge without making your waistline suffer.

5. Be Choosy About Food Freebies

We’ve all been to those restaurants that offer a bowl full of freshly baked bread or delicious, crunchy chips while you wait for your meal. While it’s okay to enjoy a handful of chips or a piece of bread, be careful not to blow all your calories on these goodies. Finding the right balance is crucial. If your server comes around and offers a refill of bread or chips, simply say “no thanks”. This eliminates the temptation to go overboard.

6. Eat Healthy Foods First

Healthy BBQ FoodWeekends often bring special events such as weddings and parties, meaning you’ll likely be faced with a variety of delicious, free food. Before you pile your plate, scan the offerings. Research indicates that simply taking some time to look over the buffet can be beneficial to staying slim. Also, load up your plate with the healthiest items first (think shrimp cocktail, fruit, salad, fresh veggies). By filling up on more nutrient-dense items, you leave less room for higher calorie treats.

7. Order Vodka With Soda Rather Than a Vodka Tonic

Alcoholic drinks are notorious calorie bombs, especially fruity mixed cocktails. While a vodka tonic isn’t the worst possible choice, you may be surprised to learn that tonic water is different from seltzer water. Whereas seltzer water is plain, carbonated water, tonic water contains about 120 calories per serving due to the corn syrup in it. If you only have one, it isn’t a big deal, but several can lead to an excess of calories. Instead, alternate between alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, consume plenty of water, and eat something healthy prior to having your first alcoholic drink.

8. Make Your Efforts Known Among Your Family and Friends

When you’re hanging out with friends watching a sports game or a movie, it is easy to keep snacking on all the foods around. To combat this, speak up prior to getting together. Let the host know you are trying to eat healthier and ask if you can bring a nutritious appetizer along. It also helps to ask for support by saying something such as, “I’m working hard to maintain my weight loss and if you notice me overdoing it, don’t be afraid to point it out”.

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